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Solar Power Energy

Solar is a great alternative to traditional electricity providers

Save Money

With solar, you can save 20–30% on your utility bill every month.

G6 Solar Solution

Experience, top-notch service and powerful partners makes G6 a complete solar solution.


Why Solar

For years, we have wondered how we can solve the problem of powering our homes in an efficient renewable way. SOLAR POWER IS THE ANSWER. With today's technology, reduced cost for systems and government incentives, it finally makes economic and practical sense to use solar power in your home.

Solar is a great alternative to traditional electricity providers. From providing lower costs and producing more environmentally friendly energy, solar is a smart decision.


With solar, you can save 20–30% on your utility bill every month. That adds up to thousands of dollars over the life of your agreement.

Solar energy is just like any other energy business, it's a simple numbers game and right now, with all of the free money available to you, you are sure to win at this game. Let's face it, unlike many things you could spend your money on your electric bill is an unavoidable cost. One that can be radically reduced through solar energy assuming you have access to the incentive monies.

Boost your property value

If you want a renewable, more affordable electric source for your home, you aren't alone. More and more buyers are looking for alternative electric solutions for both transportation and home life. That's why installing a solar electric system significantly increases resale value to new and existing homes.

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, over an 8 ½ year period, studied sales for homes with solar systems and those without. They found that solar-powered homes sold for a premium over comparable homes with traditional power. Homes increased in value at an average of $5.50 per watt installed, an average increase of about $17,000.

G6 Solar


Did you know that the average American home emits more than 16,000 pounds of CO2 annually? It would take 24 trees to offset that production. But, if only 5% of Americans used solar energy, it would:

  • Be like taking 7,700,000 cars off the road
  • Remove 89,600,000 pounds of CO2 out of the environment
  • Retire 6,900,000 trees from their CO2 offsetting jobs

Solar is Superior

  • Solar energy is the most predictable renewable energy source available, so predictable in fact that we guarantee it!
  • Easy financing options if needed (let this system pay for itself, literally).
  • Grid-tied solar energy is virtually maintenance free and last for decades.
  • Solar energy will add positive hard equity to your house instantly.
  • Energy cost are unavoidable, you will spend this money whether you like it or not so you might as well have something to show for it.
  • Utility rates are not going down!

How We're Different

We are a new vital link between you and your new solar system. We represent you from the beginning to the end of the entire solar process, removing from you the burden of a frequently cumbersome process. We will help you navigate the sea of hundreds of brands and thousands of installers. Furthermore, we provide a proprietary financing solution that will help you start EARNING money from you system on the first day of operation. Think of us as your consumer advocate.


Each of our installers completes a rigorous training course, which includes both hands-on and classroom training. They become experts in what solar is, how it can benefit you, and how it works.

Our Team

The solar energy market has been growing and evolving for decades, and solar power is experiencing an unprecedented surge in the United States as homeowners seek more options for financial and environmental sustainability. Our seasoned executive team brings experience, a proven track record in renewable energy, and expertise in project finance offering homeowners some of the strongest leasing products in the industry.

G6 Solar

Our partners

From the strategic financial partners that back our leasing products, to the companies who design and manufacture our solar panels, to the local roofing contractors and integrators who install the systems on your roof, we only partner with the most reputable and experienced professionals in the industry. From permitting to installation and monitoring, we handle the entire process with ease and expertise so you don't have to worry about anything.

Our guarantee

We are so confident in our products that we guarantee the performance of each system we lease. Simply put, if your system delivers less savings than stated in our lease agreement, we write you a check for the difference. No risks, big reward.

Government Incentives

You may be eligible to get approximately 50% of your solar electric system paid for by government rebates and incentives. California has been leading the charge with one of the most attractive state incentive programs in the United States. This, combined with the 30% federal tax credit, means that solar power systems may never be this affordable again.

G6 Solar

How It Works

The Installation Process

To ensure the best possible experience, we walk you through the process of having your system installed step by step. From the initial assessment to obtaining permits and completing the installation, we do everything we can to make solar easy. The transition to solar energy is simple. Power generated by your solar array will function just like any other electricity in your home meaning you won't have to change your home or appliances in any way.

1Your Home

A residential solar energy system can be installed on almost any type of roof. The best roofs for solar installations are composite, not too steep, easy to access, and have unobstructed space for the solar panels. Roofs that face south or southwest and are not shaded will produce the most energy.

G6 Solar


Once a system is ordered, you can expect a turnaround time of 4-12 weeks. Permits will be ordered from the city; however, keep in mind that permits vary in cost and processing times vary greatly depending on your city. Your system will be custom designed using detailed site imagery, solar analysis results, potential design concepts and feedback from the customer. Once permits are obtained, an installation team will arrive to install the system. You should expect the installation to take approximately 2-4 days. A final inspector will verify that the project has been installed to code and when approved, the system can be turned on.

G6 Solar


Solar photovoltaic panels require little maintenance. There is no need to wash or dust photovoltaic panels, but it is important to keep them clear of shade and debris. Anything above and beyond this is covered by your full service agreement. Your full service agreement includes repair and maintenance for the life of your agreement. Minimal shade and occasional cleaning and inspection are the most important parts of your system's maintenance.

4Tied to the Grid

There are many benefits to having a solar energy system that is tied to the grid. First, it eliminates the need for an expensive battery back-up system. Second, solar arrays may not always produce enough power to meet your needs. But because you're still connected to the grid, you'll have a secondary source of power.

When your solar panels aren't producing enough energy, you automatically draw energy from your utility company instead, making the transition safe and seamless. This type of system also eliminates confusion about over-production. Most states have net metering policies that allow you to use your excess energy as "roll-over credit," but very few utility companies will pay you if you generate more electricity than you use.

G6 Solar


Did you know it doesn't have to be completely sunny for your system to produce energy? Even in fog or on a cloudy day, your system will produce 25 to 30 percent of what it would on a sunny day.

You also don't need to worry about your system being unproductive in the winter. Although solar panels won't produce power when covered with snow, the snow on the panels should melt quickly because they are installed where your house receives the most sun. Solar panels are also designed to withstand lightning and hail (up to .75 inches traveling at 120 miles per hour).

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Some of the information provided here may be specific for our market area and may only apply to CPS Energy customers

Q: Do I need to have batteries?

A: NO, Our specialty is “grid tied” systems where there is no storage of electricity therefore there is no need for batteries. Although “off-grid” or “hybrid” systems can be installed they are not as economical as a grid tied system and often do not qualify for rebates and tax credits. With a grid tied system all of your day to day surplus power is simply sent back into the grid and you receive full credit for this surplus as long as you do not create a net surplus at the end of the monthly billing cycle.


Q: Will hail break my solar panels

A: It’s highly unlikely. All of our modules are UL tested which means they have been passed a high impact test to simulate such things as severe hail. If you do encounter storm damage it would usually be considered an insurance matter and not a warranty issue.


Q: Can I make money on selling my surplus electricity back to the utility company?

A: Not really. The intention of a “grid tied” system is reduce your utility bill and not to create independence or make a profit. The rate of the "buy-back" of your surplus electricity will vary from one utility company to another however they are required to buy your over production of electricity back from you.


Q: Will I have electricity when the power goes out?

A: No, not with a “grid tied” system. Because there is no battery storage you will not have a place to draw power from and even if it’s sunny out the system is designed to shut down automatically for safety reasons when the grid is down. The high cost of having power during a power outage typically outweighs the inconvenience of a temporary power outage. If this is a big concern for you we suggest you incorporate an emergency generator that will come on automatically when your power goes out. If you are interested in a generator please let us know, we can help you with that too.


Q: Is inflation factored into this estimate?

A: Yes, the utility cost is factored at a 3.5 % annual inflation rate which is historically normal to low. It is anticipated that we will see accelerated increases with all of the anticipated increases in fuel prices.


Q: Are expenses and maintenance included in these projections?

A: YES, there is cost considerations for inverter replacement in 15 years and $75 per year for general cleaning or servicing however this will likely not be needed on normal residential jobs.


Q: Does it cost a lot of money to remove my solar energy system if I have to replace my roof?

A: YES, that is if you buy from someone else! Advanced Solar prides itself on being at the cutting edge of industry developments. Because we are using second generation racking which is less intrusive than conventional racking our labor is radically reduced. This means we can offer you a 5 year $500 re-roofing guaranty which means we will only charge you $500 to remove your solar energy system and re-install in the event you need to re-roof your home. This applies to residential composite shingle roofs that are under 8kw in size.


Q: Do I have to clean the solar panels?

A: Not usually, typical rain and wind should keep them clean enough for good operation. If you notice they are unusually dirty then you can certainly spend the effort to clean them. Dirty panels or “soiling” is considered to reduce your systems output by only 1%-3%. Panels that are installed flat or with very little tilt will have more of a tendency to retain dirt or debris and may require periodic cleaning.


Q: Do the modules (solar panels) have a warranty?

A: YES, any panel we carry is going to have a warranty on workmanship which is likely going to be 5 years. In addition all of the panels we carry will have what is called a “linear power warranty” which means they will warranty the long term performance of their module. Most solar module manufacturers will warranty the output of their panels at 90% for 10 years and 80% for 25 years.


Q: Do the inverters have a warranty?

A: YES, typically 10 to 15 years depending on the brand. Some string inverters will offer and extended warranty at an additional cost.


Q: Is there a warranty on the installation?

A: YES, Advanced Solar and Electric llc warranties all their work for 5 years! We are very attached to our clients and desire to monitor the physical state and output performance of your solar system so that we can continue to be the best solar contractor in the area.


Q: Can I take out a loan to purchase my solar energy equipment?

A: Yes you can use a credit card, borrow money from your bank or credit union or we can assist you in refinancing your home and rolling the solar in if have a less than favorable interest rate.


Q: Is inflation factored into this estimate?

A: Yes, the utility cost is factored at a 4.5 % annual inflation rate which is historically normal to low. It is anticipated that we will see accelerated increases with all of the anticipated increases in fuel prices.


Q: How long does solar energy equipment last?

A: With the popularity of Solar Energy rapidly growing over the past few decades the technology, manufacturing and applications have dramatically improved. Most solar panels have a warranty that states they will produce at least 80% of their original power for either 25 or 30 years depending on the brand. In addition the inverters will be warranted for 10-15 years depending on the brand. It is reasonable to assume that with minimal maintenance and possibly an inverter replacement along the way your system can still be viable 30 years from now or even longer.


Q: Is solar production guaranteed?

A: Unlike the our competition we do have a "power generation guaranty". Ask your sales rep for more information but this should be a critical component when considering who you buy your solar energy equipment from. We offer this guaranty because we know that you should be buying energy and not equipment, sadly this is not the case with most of our competitors and frankly we frequently see systems that will never produce what they should due to poor installation or design.


Q: How long does the installation take?

A: An Average residential installation may only take 2-4 days but the total time from start to finish may be between 4-6 weeks. The typical process goes as follows:

- Contract signed between Advanced Solar and Electric llc and the client.
- Equipment ordered, if not in stock.
- Applications submitted to your utility company for review and approval.
- Local city authority permits applied for.
- Utility company and city approvals received.
- Installation of racking and modules.
- Installation electrical.
- City or local authority inspections requested and performed.
- City to notify your utility company of successful inspection.
- Utility company inspection requested and scheduled.
- Utility company inspection performed and system commissioning (activation) done.
- Request made for utility company rebate. This check is usually mailed in about two weeks.

As you can see there are several steps along the way to complete the project. Solar energy is serious business because you are generating electricity and frequently supplying electricity to the "grid" to help supplement the local needs for power. Many regulations, policies and laws are applicable to this project so it's not as simple as a typical home improvement project. Also keep in mind that this equipment is designed to perform for several decades to come so solar installations should not be rushed.

The local utility companies do an exemplary job of processing these projects as soon as possible. Not only do we have some of the lowest rates in the nation but we live in communities where the city and utility provider share common goals to proficiently develop things like the solar energy program.


We know that a solar energy purchase is a big decision, we believe then when you do make the investment you will be glad you did. We want to be there every step of the way to make it as simple and comfortable as possible. Please don't hesitate to call, email or contact us through the web site for a free consultation or to ask any questions you may have.

Customer Testimonials

G. Turner

"You all did EVERYTHING that you said you were going to do. You kept us well informed throughout the process. We couldn't be happier with the overall experience!"

J. Munoz

"Excellent service! The installation crew did an outstanding job. After the initial site survey, it was determined that my roof was too steep for the solar panels. The crew upgraded my panels to make my system work. Now that is a crew dedicated to customer satisfaction."

J. Burgeson

"I am thrilled after a year on the grid. From Dec 1999 through Aug 2012 AVERAGE Monthly is $136. From Sep 2012 through Aug 2013 AVERAGE Monthly is $19.58. Of course I did install 3-4 inches of additional insulation in attic but still it is a huge improvement-just short of $1400/year."


G6 Solar has partnered with one of the leading providers in the industry.



Solcius is a leader in the residential solar industry. Solcius connects home owners with future energy solutions today. Solar made simple isn’t a tagline, its core to company philosophy. Working with industry experts from sunrise to sunset, Solcius exceeds industry standards for installation time and customer relations. Solcius has established local professionals who work with customers in their community helping them find the right solar solution. Located in Southern California with operations throughout the state, Solcius is making solar a reality with: cost, installation and simplicity. To learn more about Solcius, please visit

Mike Ruffell


Mike Ruffell has over 20 years of sales management and executive experience in corporate America, as well as in the direct sales industry. Mike's professional career began with an international export company, where he quickly rose to become the Director of International sales with an emphasis on the Japanese market. Mike later worked for Micron as the Director of Customer Relations, retail sales, and e-commerce. These three departments were responsible for over $150,000,000 of annual sales revenue.

Recently Mike has spent 10 years in the direct sales industry. During this time he has developed training programs for hundreds of sales representatives. Cumulatively, the sales reps that Mike has trained have sold over $11,000,000 worth of products.

Mike has become an expert at recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining top sales talent. His experience comes from his years of personal direct selling as well as his years of managing sales teams. Mike has extensive sales and management experience with several companies such as Master Guard, APX, EPC, Vision, Vivint Solar and Yellowblue Eco Tech.

Mike resides in Saratoga Springs, UT with his wife Jessica and their three children. Mike attended Brigham Young University where he majored in Business Management.

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